Friday, October 22, 2010

How it works...

Welcome to our cartoon-to-cartoon interview with indieBerries' Ché Kershaw. 

Ché is in South Korea and has just won two SA blog awards. She's a KZN native, in fact, she's from Hilton - just around the corner from us at The Witness.

Ryan Calder (The Witness webmaster) came up with this great idea to interview Ché with cartoons. His minion, Jerusha Sukhdeo, will be drawing questions for Ché who will respond in real time - with another cartoon.

Watch as this unfolds and comment on the posts too - we'd love your feedback!

(thanks for the comment Craig and i'm pretty sure Jerusha always looks that beautiful)
also father's fabulous cooking. I DO NOT COOK.

Also I am hoping to start my own design company importing stationery to South Africa and starting my own stationery/design line when I get back from Korea. Thought this would be a good platform to get a feel for a "design-type" market and grow a fan-base so that when I am ready to launch it....
(ok these fans have no hair. i'm not looking for a cult or anything. i just felt time panic.)
Anyway blogging = good marketing base for the future. Therefore me =

that's right.